Saturday, May 16, 2009

My latest non-radiology obsession

Alrighty... my latest web confession. I am totally addicted to reading people's tweets. Well yes I am also going to post more tweets but it is crazy what people say out there. Also there seems to be more of a radiology following--my blogosphere friend, Dr. Dalai is on there! (shout out)

I am not sure how often I will use it, but for now it is a novelty and it seems like everyone is on there. Oprah, blah blah, so I guess I had to try it out.

I encourage you to at least check it out.

I may tweet from anywhere.. the reading room, line at pete's coffee, bathroom, shower, beach you name it... see you on the twittersphere too!

oh yeah, my address on twitter is...

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  1. Can you add my blog, FEGNOMASHIC ( to your blog roll? Thanks!! Fegnomashic, MD