Thursday, January 29, 2009

My dream car :) If I moonlight enough... maybe one day... sigh

Good riddens!!

File sharing challenges

I am having some issues using ScribD and Slideshare to share large files but I have posted ACR in Service and some other goodies in my library (See Menu on left)

I am working to use another website to store documents/study aids and will post instructions on how to access all this stuff very soon.

Hang in there. Please email me if there are any issues,

Funny "Cute Doctor" Video - Watch till the end.

Check this out... a friend of mine was talking about how there are just not that many cute doctors, especially guy radiologists and cute female radiologists. Well!!! So we did some youtube video searches, yes we had too much time on our hands. We couldn't find any videos about cute radiologists but here is one about a cute MD. XOXO!