Thursday, January 29, 2009

My dream car :) If I moonlight enough... maybe one day... sigh


  1. Sad that I am leaving my job as a medical physicist and driving a 335i now. I may have to sell it since I am going back to medical school.

  2. 2007 BMW 3 Series is what I'm dreaming to have this year. I actually saw the model in a Indianapolis used car dealership company when I visited my mom in Indiana last Holiday. The Indy used cars aren't that bad, I think. According to my brother who's into cars, second hand vehicles are fuel efficient than new ones. I'm not quite sure about that. Anyway, BMW is really one of the best when it comes to car names and models.

  3. too bad for you. it happened to me also, i did sell my car because i have stopped from work and i've got not maintenance. i do love my car but and it hurts that i have to sell it

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