Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RSNA 2009 Tips from RadGirl

1. Bring walking shoes
2. Stay hydrated! Make use of the ubiquitous free water stations. Those tech exhibits and freebies hunting can wear one down. And the numerous RSNA CME + refresher courses/lectures too!
3. Do odd-hour lunch/breakfast. DO NOT GO AT 12!! To either McDonald's or Starbucks. You will wait there till 2pm. Go early for lunch and go even earlier for breakfast. The RSNA Bistro isn't that bad actually too.
4. Find out early your shuttle to your hotel so you don't waste anytime looking for the #.
5. Coat check in the lakeside - less people (or... don't coat check!)
6. Pre-register! Do not register on site. It's free for residents/students so do it online.
7. Don't try to see everything if it is your first time. Do a focused approach or you will be drained!
8. Take it easy, take a break, perhaps take a day or a few hours to see the city. The RSNA will still be there when you return (if not this year, next year)
9. Don't pick up the bag from RSNA--it just adds weight. Wait, unless you want to get the free stuff. Then you will need a bag :) otherwise, don't carry one because it may just encourage you
10. Finally.. have fun!!!